St. George Gold Prospectors Club

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Welcome to the St George Gold Prospectors Club!

Keep the Double G clean! 

Please remember:  Pack it in, Pack it out! 

If you happen to see trash, even if it isn't yours, please pick it up.


Club Meetings!

Club meetings are postponed. We will be setting up meetings soon and planning outings as well!

We welcome everyone to come check us out, you do not have to pay the claim access dues to be a club member, the dues are for if you plan on visiting the claim.


Club Equipment Rentals -

              Keene 151 Drywasher 

           $25 a day in state/$35 a day out of state 

Rental Fees are  to help with maintenance costs and unexpected issues with equipment.


Claim Access dues are $45 a year per family. (This is 2 adults and their minor children, Under 18)  

If your a visitor, friend, or relative of a member and would like access to the claim for a one time visit, we ask for a $25 dues. This will allow you to use the claim for a weekend. (Good for 2 adults and minor children)

Memberships will last 1 year from the month you make the dues payment. We will get all membership information when dues are paid. You will receive a claim permission slip that you will need to have in the window of your vehicle while out at the claim.